onsdag 1 februari 2012

Darkness Falls - Cate Tiernan

If you´ve read this blog before then you know how much I loved "Immortal beloved" by Cate Tiernan. I finally (finally) got my hands on the continuation and spent a few days with the book in my sight at all times.

Sequels can sometimes be tricky and I´m always slightly nervous going into one when I loved the first book. I can tell you that my fears were totally unjustified. Because this book is just as amazing as the first one!

The book begins with my beloved Nastasya at River´s Edge, the retreat for wayward immortals. She´s not happy but starting to get the hang of things and feeling almost content. And she wants to be there.

Her confidence in that things will be alright takes a turn for the worse however after new years eve. During a ritual on the eve of the new year she casts of the darkness but finds it being thrown back in her face when she experiences several setbacks and troubling dreams about her former best friend now nightmare Incy.

This book is darker than the previous one but Nastasya hasn´t lost her snark, humour and she truly is a wonderful character. We get to see a few more glimpses into her past and also views of River´s past!

So. A wonderful continuation and another must read!

And now begins the wait for book number 3, january 2013 seems an awful long ways away...

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